Contributor: Stanley Samuel

Stanley Samuel

About Stanley Samuel

Stanley is the Founder and CEO of ECOSOFTT and Chief Architect of its Water SMART Blue Building platform. He has worked on numerous projects in water management in urban and off-grid environments, including rainwater harvesting, groundwater protection, rivers and lakes conservation and development of water and wastewater solutions for college campuses, residential developments and integrated living habitats. Stanley is a mechanical engineer by background, and holds a Diploma in Wastewater Treatment from the University of Chile. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Management and earned a dual degree Executive MBA with INSEAD and Tsinghua University, China.

Water SMART Blue Buildings For Sustainable Urbanisation

Complete coverage of centralized water & sewage systems may never be possible in China, so what can one do? Ecosoftt’s Stanley Samuel & Marcus Lin share how their Water SMART Blue Buildings Standard can be a valid alternative … more



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