Contributor: Su Liu

Su Liu

About Su Liu

Su Liu is the Great China Manager and Policy Researcher of Civic-Exchange, a Hong Kong based independent and non-profit public policy think tank. Her work in Civic Exchange covers mainly water related policy research and China related project coordination. Su was a former public opinion researcher (Deputy Managing Director of the Gallup Organization HK), and a communication strategist (Deputy Managing Director of Wirthlin Worldwide Asia).

Water: Tale of Two Cities

Su Liu of the Civic Exchange discusses the different strategies adopted by Hong Kong & Singapore towards solving their water scarcity and how Hong Kong’s approach still leaves the territory vulnerable in the long term … more

A Vulnerable Dongjiang is a Vulnerable HK

Su Liu of the Civic Exchange on HK’s laissez-faire attitude towards water and why time is running out as the Dongjiang River which feeds HK becomes more vulnerable … more



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