Contributor: Wang Canfa

Wang Canfa

About Wang Canfa

Professor Wang Canfa is a professor at the University of Political Science and Law in Beijing and has published more than 50 books and 140 papers on environmental law. He has led many aspects of the development of environmental law in China over two decades and has been involved in the drafting and revision of over 30 national and local environmental laws, regulations and administrative decrees. In 1998, he established the Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims, which was the first organization of its kind in China to provide free legal support. The center has worked on more than 250 cases of environmental pollution to benefit over 10,000 victims. Since 2001, Professor Wang Canfa also has helped over 500 lawyers and 400 judges with training in environmental law and casework. He continues to push for new environmental legislation in China.

Environmental Law: A New Era

Prof Wang Canfa from the University of Political Science &Law in Beijing thinks China’s environmental law system is relatively perfect system & that the amended environment law marks a new era … more

Time to Enforce China’s Environmental Law

With the new guard in place, is it time to update China’s environmental law? Professor Wang gives a candid take on China’s environmental laws & enforcement – past, current and future … more



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