Contributor: Will Zimmerman

Will Zimmerman

About Will Zimmerman

A graduate of Princeton and Stanford Universities in Chemical Engineering, the author of over 100 scientific publications, past Director of the M Sc in Environmental and Energy Engineering, and a winner in US and UK national competitions of five prestigious fellowships (2005-6 Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellow, 2000-5 EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow; 1994-99 Royal Academy of Engineering, Zeneca Young Academic Fellow; 1991-93 visiting professorships appointed by the French Ministry of Education at the Littoral University in Dunkirk in 1998 and 2005. He was interviewed on his algal biofuels work on BBC Radio 4 “Material World with Quentin Cooper”, 4 Feb 2010. His Royal Academy of Engineering SRF, entitled “Systems Biology and Chemical Engineering” has laid down a protocol for optimal experimentation for bioreactor model-building via inverse methods. He directed Microfluidics 2003, a workshop at CISM in Udine from which he edited a book on microfluidics, and is the author of two bestselling texts on multiphysics modelling .

Algae – The Next Biofuel

Pandhal, Hanotu and Zimmerman recount their award-winning & cost-effective way of harvesting algae from eutrophied lakes. Could algae be China’s new bio-fuel? … more



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