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Woody Chan

About Woody Chan

Born in Hong Kong, Woody graduated from the University of Cambridge in June 2016 with a BA in Geography. His travels across Eurasia pointed him towards the nexus between environmental risk and global business. In particular, he is concerned with the extent and effects of wastewater discharge in China – the topic of his dissertation. At China Water Risk, Woody undertakes multiple research streams ranging from water stress in the HKH region to water issues in China’s mining and data centre industries. Moreover, he assists in the publication of the monthly newsletter and will be responsible for future updating and revamping of China Water Risk’s website. Also proficient at GIS mapping, he hopes to embark on a career which helps tackle climate change from a business and financial perspective.

Audit! Yangtze River Economic Belt

China’s first ever basin-wide environmental audit on the Yangtze River Economic Belt is an unprecedented step towards balancing economy & environment. See the good & not so good findings … more

New Tech & Policy For Climate Resilience: 3 Takeaways

Experts say new tech needs policy support at an interdisciplinary forum on climate resilient urban water systems, hosted by HKU’s Centre for Water Tech & Policy … more

Ministry Reform: 9 Dragons To 2

What does China’s long-awaited ministry re-shuffle mean? China Water Risk reviews the roles and impacts of the new Ministry of Ecological Environment & Ministry of Natural Resources … more

Two Sessions, Five Highlights For Water

An ‘ecological civilization’ is now embedded in China’s constitution and ministerial reform has been tabled. Find out what this means for water in our review of this year’s Two Sessions. Pay attention or risk being blindsided … more

Key Water Policies 2017 – 2018

Missed out on key water and water-related policies in China this past year? Catch up with China Water Risk Woody Chan’s review, including the latest on the new Water Ten Law and environmental tax law … more

Aquaculture: 8 Fishy Facts

Think because we get fish from water that it’s “Fish forever more”( 年年有“鱼”)? China Water Risk’s Chan shares 8 must-knows on aquaculture to make you re-think this … more

Electronic Brands: Sustainable Or Not?

The new CLSA U® report cautions that despite looming risks, brands’ strategies point to focus on short-term profits instead of sustainability. CWR’s Woody Chan looks at action from recycling to obsolescence … more

Water Footprint: Why It Matters

Despite growing recognition, water footprint is not without its detractors & criticisms have come from economists & life-cycle scholars. Check out 5 reasons why we think the concept is still relevant … more

Wastewater: Good To The Last Drop

Happy World Water Day! In the year of wastewater, we look at China’s management of the ‘waste’. Plus, what does the 13FYP hold? Action; given rising wastewater discharge & low re-use rates … more

Water In: Beer, Crisps & Chocolate

Food & drink help create a festive atmosphere in Christmas but how much water do they use? China Water Risk’s Woody Chan looks into the water footprints of beer, chocolate & crisps, the impact on China & potential solutions … more

Can China’s “Milky-ways” Continue?

Consumption of dairy products in China has notably increased over the last 16 years. China Water Risk’s McGregor, Li & Chan take a look if these “milky-ways” can continue and also how much leading dairy companies (Chinese & foreign) are disclosing … more

1 Year On: Where Are The Top Fashion Brands?

It’s one year on but have brands upped their sustainability actions? We take a closer look at who’s not going circular and who’s leading the pack with more initiatives and engagement with NGOs … more



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