Contributor: Wouter Jan Klerk

Wouter Jan Klerk

About Wouter Jan Klerk

Wouter Jan Klerk is an advisor/researcher at Dutch knowledge institute Deltares at the department of Water Risk Analysis, and has mainly been involved in the assessment and management of flood risks. He was and is involved in the development of new safety standards for the Dutch flood defences, as well as the development of the new tools for safety assessment of these flood defences. Additionally he has been working on the development of techniques for risk based asset management for complex water systems. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Societal Relevance of Flood Risk Modelling

Economic losses due to flooding amounted USD19 billion and will grow. Wouter Jan Klerk from Deltares shares cases from Vietnam, China & the Netherlands showing why flood risk modelling is a must for robust growth … more



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