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Ying Shen

About Ying Shen

Ying is China Water Risk’s consultant based in Beijing. She conducts research & analyses on water related issues and writes editorial content for website. Prior to joining China Water Risk, Ying was the Chief Representative Officer of a European consulting firm in Beijing. She has worked on a wide variety of climate change, environmental and loan/technical assistance projects funded by the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, the National Basic Research Program of China, European Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and British Embassy in China amongst others. Ying has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Bachelor’s degree also in Environmental Engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University.

Technology at a Price

This Christmas have you considered the environmental pollution caused by your new smart phone? An investigation by the Green Choice Alliance, found many IT company suppliers guilty of polluting China’s third largest freshwater lake … more

China Energy Gets WET

China Water Risk’s Ying Shen gives three broad takeaways from the US-China water-energy roundtables hosted by the Wilson Center & Greennovation Hub in Beijing … more

Groundwater Crackdown – Hope Springs

The economy slows down but the Chinese government speeds up groundwater crackdown with increased transparency, blacklists at both central and provincial levels … more

Cancer Villages: Toxic Tipping Point?

With official recognition of cancer villages in 2013, we reviewed 255 media reports of such villages to look at their spread and industries that may be responsible. Is this the start of a long costly road to clean up? … more

New Guard: New Hope for Pollution?

March ushers in the official all change of the old guard. Will the new guard bring new hope for pollution control? China Water Risk takes a closer look at the events leading up to this week’s National People’s Congress meetings … more



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