Controlling the taps: Fighting for water in parched Asia

CLSA co-authored this report with Brahma Chellaney, an Asia geostrategist who is the author of six books, the most recent one being Water: Asia’s New Battleground.

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The report focuses on the deepening water crisis in Asia, economic and security risks, dam frenzy, Asia’s zones of water tension and the water-food-energy nexus which echoes with our articles published in previous newsletters. Please see:

Elephants in the Room: With coal-fired power plants and hydropower doubling by 2020, Debra Tan discusses coal, financing the power build out and dams. Is a fundamental shift required to work round these elephants?

Sino French Water Discusses Water Pricing : China Water Risk talks to Steve Clark of Sino French Water, a JV between Suez Environnement and NWS Holdings Ltd on water pricing in China – how water tariff is set, sewage and sludge treatment prices, pricing trends and non-revenue water

Water Treaties: A Question of Rights: Sophie le Clue gives an overview of the water treaty landscape; the abundance of bilateral and multilateral treaties, but notably China’s lack of presence in the field.

Geopolitical Risks: Transboundary Rivers: China owns headwaters to at least 10 major transboundary rivers but has no formal agreements with neighbours on these. Sophie le Clue explores increasing tensions in South and SE Asia.

Prof. Zou Ji on The Water-Energy Nexus: China Water Risk talks to Professor Zou Ji and the World Resource Institue’s China Water Team about China’s Water-Energy Nexus and why energy and water constraints are so critical for China’s economy.

Agriculture: A Prosperous Ever After: With recent reports on by the Chinese government, FAO, HSBC and WEF all highlighting agriculture concerns, Debra Tan takes a closer look at food, property. the weather and potential strategies to ensure a prosperous ever after.



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