What is China Water Risk?

China Water Risk is a non-profit initiative designed to help investors, business and individuals understand and mitigate risk around water as well as to foster efficient and responsible use of China’s water resources.   Click here to find out more About China Water Risk.

Why was China Water Risk launched?

China Water Risk was developed with a more targeted, sector-based approach to informing investors and business about water-related risks inherent in investing and operating in China.

While there are several existing global and regional water initiatives targeting companies, a key constraint in addressing water issues has been the lack of consolidated information.

China Water Risk strives to transform the community of investors and business owners so that they want to understand and improve water resource management in China.

What information is available on China Water Risk?

  • Consolidated library of knowledge and research on water issues;
  • Real-time relevant facts and news at your fingertips;
  • Expert opinions and interviews from captains of industry, investors, academia and water experts;
  • Key industries’ benchmarks and best-in-class examples and case studies
  • Access to a network of key opinion leaders, consultants and experts

Water in China is a complex issue. How can I navigate the China Water Risk website to get more information?

You can rapidly become knowledgeable about water issues in China by clicking on each of the topics of the BIG PICTURE sections below:

  • BACKGROUND goes into more depth about China’s Water Crisis, water sources and its linkage to climate change
  • SCARCITY outlines China’s demand vs. supply of water and which provinces are experiencing shortages and why.
  • POLLUTION details its current status, main causes and related incidents
  • $$$ RISK summarizes the key financial and operational risks impacting key stakeholders in the water space
  • SECURITY elaborates on the security threats linked to the lack of water
  • OPPORTUNITY outlines key focus areas and improvement opportunities
  • KEY USERS presents the main economic actors whose business is intertwined with water
  • MEASUREMENTS summarizes key water indicators, glossary terms and measurements

You can also get more in-depth knowledge by navigating our SECTORS, REGULATIONS and RESOURCES sections:

  • how different sectors are affected and influence water in China in our SECTORS section
  • relevant water policy, laws and regulations in our REGULATIONS section
  • expert opinions, reviews, analysis, intelligence by sector, useful links, water companies, glossary and measurements, in  our RESOURCES section

Don’t know where to start?

Check out our 5 tips To Help You Navigate the complex web of water issues and related risks in China.

Who supports China Water Risk?



China Water Risk works with an Advisory Panel of water, industry and investment experts, Partner NGOs and a diverse range of writing Contributors from academics, journalists, investors to captains of industry.

China Water Risk is funded and managed by Hong Kong-based ADM Capital Foundation and in its pilot stage was developed in collaboration with its founding partners, Civic Exchange, the Association for Social and Responsible Investing in Asia (ASrIA), Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), and Responsible Research.


China Water Risk is an independent, non-partisan web portal that relies on support from donors and sponsors to provide content and to commission relevant research. Support received is both in-kind and monetary, but there is always a clear separation between sponsors and our content.

Donors may choose to fund a particular aspect of our work but they do so with the understanding that they may not influence the portal’s content in any way. Our work is uncompromised by partisan politics, institutional or personal allegiances, or sources of financial support.

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