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2017 No.1 Doc: Modern Agriculture, Rural Development & Supply-side Structural Reform

6 February, 2017 – China’s top priorities for 2017 are pushing for green and sustainable agricultural development, rural development and deepening supply-side structural reform.

This is the 14th consecutive year that the document has focused on rural issues. The document lists 33 points in six areas related to the “three rural issues” – agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

Agricultural development is combined somewhat with supply-side structural reform. The main tasks of supply-side reform are to improve agricultural supply quality while upgrading efficiency, raising revenue and striving for environmental protection. For instance, the quality of several crops such as rice and potatoes is to be improved.

The goal of zero increase in fertiliser and pesticide use is re-iterated and a tracking system for the use of these agricultural products is to be established.

On rural development, the Document suggests several land operation modes to support the combination of rural leisure tourism and rural development.

As for water, while there is no clear focus it is referred to throughout the Document and specific mentions within the main focuses such as large-scale agricultural water-saving infrastructure projects, improve wastewater treatment and ensure drinking water safety in rural areas.  The Document does say, “Water is a strategically important task…” The implementation of a water permit exchange is also mentioned.

Financial innovation is again mentioned as a key aspect of modernising agriculture, with internet technology encouraged for agricultural financial services. Appropriate agricultural insurance is also supported and a natural resource property rights identification system is to be implemented.

Finally, a series of policies are planned to support the incubation of new industries and new industrial formats in following aspects: land use, finance, talent development, infrastructure, etc.

Read the full Document here (Chinese only).

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