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11th Five Year Plan


The Ministry of Water Resources has stated the following objectives in relation to the implementation of the five-year plan:

  • By the year 2010, water use efficiency shall be improved significantly and water consumption per unit of GDP shall be decreased by at least 20% compared to 2005;
  • The ratio of irrigation efficiency shall be increased;
  • Water consumption per unit of industrial added value shall not exceed 115 cubic meters, which is 30% lower compared to that in the year 2005;
  • The ratio of leakage in the urban water supply system should not exceed 15% and water saving devices should be widely popularised in urban areas;
  • The ratio of recycled water use in cities with water shortages in northern China shall make up 20% of the total treated wastewater and 5%-10% in similar cities in the south;

The Ministry of Environmental Protection, in addressing the 11th Five-Year Plan, has put forward the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection (2006-2010). The Plan puts significant emphasis on water pollution control, which is stated as the top priority for environmental investment. The following bullets provide a summary of the Plan’s water initiatives:

Key water indicators (see table below)

Water Indicators 2005 2015 Increase / reduction during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period
1. 1414 1270 -10%
2. Percentage of the water sections under the national monitoring program failing to meet Grade V National Surface Water Quality Standard (%) 26.1 <22 -4.1 percentage points
3. Percentage of the water sections (of 7 big water bodies in China) under the national monitoring program meeting Grade III National Surface Water Quality Standard (%) 41 >43 2 percentage points

Source Ministry of Environmental Protection, 2008