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5 Facts On Crop Failures Due To Water Risks

In 2016 China suffered 44 million tonnes of crop failure due to droughts and floods. Check out China Water Risk Leung’s five facts to get the latest info and see which regions are most at risk … more

Aquaculture: 8 Fishy Facts

Think because we get fish from water that it’s “Fish forever more”( 年年有“鱼”)? China Water Risk’s Chan shares 8 must-knows on aquaculture to make you re-think this … more

Moutai: Risks Along The Intoxicating River

Moutai’s stocks have soared & with a 90% profit margin it is hard not to have a hopeful outlook but China Water Risk’s Yuanchao Xu warns of river basin risks – best to keep a clear head to ensure future prosperity … more

Green Development For A Beautiful China

The Minister of Environmental Protection Ganjie Li outlined the MEP’s achievements and future plans at the 19th People’s Congress. China Water Risk’s Xu shares key takeaways … more

What ‘Xi’s Thought’ Means For Water

One key message from Xi Jinping at the 19th National Congress was harmony between environment & economic growth, surely this bodes well for water? China Water Risk’s Feng Hu reviews … more