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  • 3 Takeaways From Aquatech China 2018

    4 years on, China Water Risk is again presenting at the Industrial Water Leaders Forum at Aquatech China. Our Dawn McGregor shares key takeaways from the 2018 events and how they compare to 2014 … more

  • 8 Key Challenges In Rural Water Security

    Rural water supply in China is challenging due to size, increasing urbanisation & more. China Water Risk’s Feng Hu shares 8 key challenges & reflections from the China Europe Water Platform workshop … more

  • 2017 State Of Ecology & Environment Report Review

    Prioritising rivers appears to have paid off but overall groundwater and Key Lakes & Reservoirs both worsened. Are we now seeing the “real” state of China’s environment? Find out in China Water Risk’s review of the 2017 State Of Ecology & Environment Report … more

  • 5 Trends For China Green Finance

    Stay on top of China’s green finance trends & opportunities with our 5 key highlights from China’s Green Finance Committee Annual Conference, from disclosure and ERA to One Belt One Road … more

  • Where Is The E In ESG Disclosure In China?

    China is moving to mandatory environmental disclosure with a tentative 2020 deadline, but where are listco’s now? China Water Risk’s Dawn McGregor & SynTao’s Dr. Peiyuan Guo share 8 key takeaways from their newly released joint report, “CHINA PRIORITISES ENVIRONMENT: More Disclosure Needed To Match Rising Risks” … more

  • Two Sessions, Five Highlights For Water

    An ‘ecological civilization’ is now embedded in China’s constitution and ministerial reform has been tabled. Find out what this means for water in our review of this year’s Two Sessions. Pay attention or risk being blindsided … more

  • Key Water Policies 2017 – 2018

    Missed out on key water and water-related policies in China this past year? Catch up with China Water Risk Woody Chan’s review, including the latest on the new Water Ten Law and environmental tax law … more

  • What ‘Xi’s Thought’ Means For Water

    One key message from Xi Jinping at the 19th National Congress was harmony between environment & economic growth, surely this bodes well for water? China Water Risk’s Feng Hu reviews … more

  • China’s River Chiefs: Who Are They?

    River chiefs were first implemented in 2007 following a pollution incident. Now, by 2018 all of China’s rivers/lakes will have river chiefs. How will this work & what do they do? China Water Risk’s Yuanchao Xu expands … more

  • Toxic Phones: China Controls the Core

    We review CLSA U®’s report which warns that transitional risks are abound as China says no to pollution and yes to a high tech future. What are the top-5 ‘bewares’? China Water Risk’s Debra Tan expands
    … more

  • Electronic Brands: Sustainable Or Not?

    The new CLSA U® report cautions that despite looming risks, brands’ strategies point to focus on short-term profits instead of sustainability. CWR’s Woody Chan looks at action from recycling to obsolescence … more

  • At A Glance: Water Risk Dashboard

    Need to gauge water risks across your operations, suppliers or investees at a glance? China Water Risk’s Hubert Thieriot expands on a new dashboard for exactly that – check it out! … more

  • 2016 State of Environment Report Review

    The signs are positive for China’s environment in 2016. Groundwater quality improved after 5 years of decline though there is mixed news for rivers & lakes. Is the tide turning in China’s ‘war on pollution’? … more

  • Key Water Policies 2016 – 2017

    Missed out on the key water and water-related policies in China over the last year? Get up to speed with China Water Risk Dawn McGregor’s review, including the latest on the water law … more

  • 5 Trends For 2017: The Year Of The Rooster

    The Rooster crows a new pecking order as China leads the global climate fight & drives structural changes at home. Stay on top with our 5 trends and make sure you are not walking on eggshells but laying golden eggs … more

  • 5 Regulatory Trends: From Enforcement To Finance

    Since 2016, China’s environmental policy landscape has undergone a series of important changes. CWR’s Xu summarises key regulations & 5 trends you need to know, from greater enforcement to green finance … more

  • Dug-Up In China: The World’s Critical Raw Materials

    China is the largest global supplier of many critical raw materials but growing domestic demand could mean it becomes a net importer. How will other countries secure these materials that are key to a low carbon future? China Water Risk’s Hongqiao Liu explores China’s direction in the 13FYP … more

  • Can China’s “Milky-ways” Continue?

    Consumption of dairy products in China has notably increased over the last 16 years. China Water Risk’s McGregor, Li & Chan take a look if these “milky-ways” can continue and also how much leading dairy companies (Chinese & foreign) are disclosing … more

  • Water Risk Valuation – What Investors Say

    See what 70+ investors have to say on different valuation approaches we applied to 10 energy stocks listed across 4 exchanges. Is there consensus? What are they most worried about? … more

  • 2016 World Water Week: Key Takeaways

    Business, risk assessment & linkages with SDG 6 were key issues at World Water Week 2016, fitting given the theme “Water for Sustainable Growth”. China Water Risk’s Dawn McGregor on our three key takeaways from Stockholm … more

  • 1 Year On: Where Are The Top Fashion Brands?

    It’s one year on but have brands upped their sustainability actions? We take a closer look at who’s not going circular and who’s leading the pack with more initiatives and engagement with NGOs … more

  • Quantifying Water Risk: What’s My Number?

    Industries are exposed to water risks but financial valuation of such risks remain elusive. China Water Risk’s Thieriot reviews existing quantification tools & methods and highlights gaps that need to be filled to put a number on water risks … more

  • Clean Fashion: 3 Reasons To Feel Positive

    Fashion is on a clean-up & go-circular mission. China Water Risk’s Dawn McGregor shares 3 reasons why she’s feeling positive from trade secrets revealed to awards for closing the loop … more

  • Key Water Policies 2015 – 2016

    Over the last year China has released multiple of key water-related policies ranging from tackling the war on pollution, monitoring, food & energy security, green finance to promoting circular economies and more. Stay on top of them with China Water Risk’s review … more

  • China Water Risk’s 5 Trends for 2016

    Prioritizing environment alongside employment signals a reshuffle. To show it’s serious, China will “kill a chicken to warn the monkey”. The Year of the Monkey brings with it wild swings, so check out our top 5 trends in water for 2016 for it is better to be in a position to disrupt than be disrupted … more

  • COP21: What Paris Means For China

    All eyes are on China, the largest contributor to global emissions as it transitions to a low carbon future. See what Paris means for China from carbon trading, peak emissions to carbon-intensive industries … more

  • COP21: 5 Takeaways from Paris

    The Paris Agreement signals that the threat is real. Time is running out, especially for water. Inaction means growing costs and with financial risks across sectors also on the rise, CWR’s Thieriot shares key takeaways from COP21 … more

  • Brands To Buy Over Christmas?

    CWR’s McGregor reviews the top and laggard brands for green supply chains in China according to round two of the Corporate Information Transparency Index report. See which brands made which list … more

  • Where Are The Top Fashion Brands?

    Given tighter regulations for textiles in China, we review environmental initiatives of 10 top fashion brands from fast fashion to luxury. Are they looking beyond CSR to make their business more sustainable? … more

  • 2014 State of Environment Report Review

    China’s overall environmental quality in 2014 was “average”, but with polluters tampering with monitoring, can we even believe this data? We take a closer look at the mixed news … more

  • Water In Coal: Still Murky

    Multiple policies were issued recently over the proper management of coal mine water, in particular mine water reuse to alleviate groundwater woes. But the road ahead is still murky. China Water Risk’s Thieriot walks us through inconsistencies in data & targets … more

  • China Water Risk’s 5 Trends for 2015

    As China moves to re-balance its economy and environment, Beijing will shepherd the nation towards water, food & security. For the Year of the Goat, it is better to be the surefooted goat than the sacrificial lamb so check out our top 5 trends in water for 2015 … more

  • Water Stewardship: Actions Must Match Risk

    Despite acknowledgement of water risks, 58% of companies in CDP’s 2014 Global Water report do not have a public commitment to water. We expand on actions needed in China & globally to match the risk … more

  • Brand Rankings Through A Chinese Lens

    See how global and local brands rank across 8 sectors in terms of their supply chain’s environmental impact in this review of the new Corporate Information Transparency Index (CITI) report by IPE & NRDC … more

  • Pollution: Is the Data Real?

    Inconsistencies in the recording and reporting of pollution data begs the question: is the data real? With 7,700 tonnes of lead in China’s rivers carried to the sea unaccounted for in 2011, is the real state of environment worse than we thought? … more

  • 2013 State of Environment Report Review

    MEP’s 2013 State of Environment Report says the ‘overall environmental quality was average’ but a closer look reveals mixed news, whilst discrepancies found in sets of pollution data add uncertainty of the real state of the environment … more

  • Prioritising EIA Reform in China

    Fraudulent & substandard EIA reporting persist. How does China’s EIA process compare to the US & HK? We examine the reforms in store for companies & EIA assesors … more

  • China Water Risk’s 5 Trends for 2014

    With environmental risk cited as one of the top risks most likely to derail economic growth along with the banking crisis and housing bubble, check out our top 5 trends in water for the year of the Green Horse … more

  • Aqueduct Global Water Stress Rankings

    Aqueduct’s first-ever water stressed rankings of 100 river basins & 181 nations found that 37 countries face national & economic security threats from exposure to extremely high baseline water stress levels … more

  • Toxic Waste to Toxic Assets

    With higher penalties expected, SynTao’s Shen Xin & Taylor Brown examine whether recent corporate scandals & their impact on market value show a need for improved ESG disclosure & scrutiny … more

  • Water Stewardship: A Stake in the Ground

    There is no universally agreed definition of water stewardship, leaving companies unsure of what it is and what to do. Stuart Orr walks us through WWF’s latest report, A Stake in the Ground, an introductory guide for companies on managing multi-faceted water risks … more

  • Water in Mining: Disclosure Overview

    The international mining sector leads the way in water disclosure, but with massive regional variations in the level of reporting and poor current reporting frameworks are investors getting the full picture? … more

  • New Guard: New Hope for Pollution?

    March ushers in the official all change of the old guard. Will the new guard bring new hope for pollution control? China Water Risk takes a closer look at the events leading up to this week’s National People’s Congress meetings … more

  • 2012 Review & 5 Trends for 2013

    Not sure what happened in 2012? Read our review and find out what our top 5 water trends are for the Year of the Snake. Will we be bogged down or will we slide ahead? … more

  • Sink or Swim

    As water risks rises in prominence we review whether more investors and corporates are taking action to mitigate risk and seek out opportunities. … more

  • 2011 State of Environment Report Review

    Good and bad news from the 2011 State of Environment Report: overall water quality improvement but freshwater lakes & the Yangtze, Hai and Liao rivers deteriorate; ground water quality remains poor … more

  • Investors Say: Water Risk is Beyond Pricing

    NBIM, APG, GIC, HSBC and APG on why it is important to measure the impact of the environment on business as the value of water lies in business continuity & value of brands rather than water pricing. … more

  • Rio+20: Water Snapshot

    As the late June Rio+20 Summit ended, observers slammed the lack of ambition in the declaration of Common Vision approved on by heads of state, but there were interesting advances over the days for the world of water. Whether or … … more

  • In Pursuit of Standardisation

    Sophie le Clue reviews the difficulty in standardising disclosure despite investor demand and company questionnaire fatigue … more

  • Disclosure: Where is China?

    China Water Risk looks at the differences in water disclosure between the Top 10 Chinese & Global companies on the Fortune Top 100 Socially Responsible List … more

  • 8 Take Aways: 2 Degrees Celsius+Water

    Debra Tan runs through key take aways from the presentations and panel discussions with Civic Exchange HSBC, Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium, Swire Beverages and Veolia Water … more

  • Winsway: Where are the Water Risks?

    Given water scarcity in the areas of operation, was there sufficient disclosure in Winsway’s latest bond offering document? … more

  • 2011 Year in Review & 5 Trends for 2012

    Find out what’s happened in the water space in the Year of the Rabbit and check out the five trends we see continuing into 2012, the Year of the Water Dragon … more

  • Desal in China: Trends & Opportunities

    With targets for desalination remaining aggressive in the 12th FYP, China Water Risk reviews China’s desalination market – its past & future as desalination is expected to become more profitable given rising water tariffs. … more

  • China Water Risk: A Portrait

    Don’t know anything about water risk? Read this in-depth review. Check out water challenges for each industry and be in a position to mitigate the risk. … more

  • Hungry Asia: Constraints for Companies

    Louisa Mitchell takes a look at the poor environmental disclosure by food companies in Asia and expands on why it has to improve. … more

  • Is Water The New Carbon?

    China Water Risk talked to Marcus Norton, Head of the CDP Water Disclosure to find out whether water disclosure follows The Carbon Disclosure Project. … more

  • Sustainable Stock Exchanges: A Coalition-of-the Willing?

    China Water Risk looks at where China stands on water disclosure and sustainable stock exchange initiatives compared to other exchanges round the world. Disclosure landscape changing rapidly but more improvements required. As of March 2010, 175 HKEx listed companies were identified with environmental infraction records. … more

  • Green Electronics? Not Quite Yet. And Where is Apple?

    Greenpeace released the results of its third-annual green electronics survey. All but Apple and Phillips of the 21companies contacted agreed to be ranked on three criteria; removing toxic substances, responsible take-back of their end-of-life products and energy efficiency. Access the report and find out more. … more

  • Apple China Local Environmental Activists See Red

    After more than ten months of continuous pressure on Apple to answer questions about pollution issues in its supply chain, a coalition of Chinese environmental NGOs in January release findings. Their 4th IT report condemns Apple for poor environmental and safety standards in its supply chain in China. … more

  • Zijin Mining Spill and The Quest For Materiality

    China Water Risk takes a closer look to see if investors could have factored for this environmental risks if they knew where to look… Zijin Mining has been cited for environmental violations every year since 2005. … more

  • Engaging IT’s Elusive Giants

    China Water Risk summaries the response to letters sent to 27 technology company CEOs charging them with using polluting supply chain companies, in April 2010. Corporate response is mixed, if somewhat disappointing. Only few have taken concrete steps. … more

  • Do Hydropower Projects Need The CDM?

    Hydropower projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) have come under increasing scrutiny. China Water Risks explores whether hydropower projects should be eligible for carbon credits. … more

  • HKEx Could Do More to Promote Environmental Disclosure

    Study by IPE, Civic Exchange, ADM Capital Foundation and China Water Risk finds 15% of companies listed on the HKEx with environmental violations on the mainland. The study calls for better disclosure of these. … more