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  • The Future Of The Paris Agreement

    The Paris Agreement has been in effect for more than a year now. How is the rulebook going? What’s next at COP24? Professor Daniel Bodansky from Arizona States University, a climate change law expert, shares his views … more

  • The Future Of Sustainability Reporting

    With GRI replacing its G4 guidelines with the 1st global sustainability reporting standard, we sat down with Global Reporting Initiative’s Hjaltadóttir to learn what this means & future trends in disclosure … more

  • Water Footprint: The Road Ahead

    Prof. Arjen Hoekstra, the creator of the water footprint concept, talks to China Water Risk about hard truths on the challenges ahead over virtual water trade, water scarcity & over-consumption … more

  • MyH2O – Test Your Water

    To improve transparency, Charlene Ren set-up MyH2O, one of China’s first online crowdsourcing networks on drinking water quality. We sat down with Ren to learn more about their testing, interactive mapping platform and what’s next … more

  • Water Stewardship: The Impact To Date

    A new report finds there has been little evolution from business -as-usual in regards to water management. What behaviours need to change? How can this be achieved? We sat down with report authors James Dalton from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) & Peter Newborne from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) … more

  • Corporate Bonds Water Credit Risk Tool

    China Water Risk sat down with GCP’s Liesel Van Ast & GIZ’s Simone Dettling, two developers of the Corporate Bonds Water Credit Risk Tool to find out how it helps investors & banks mitigate exposure and impact on the bottom line … more

  • Risks Shifting Beyond the Wall

    In China’s printing & dyeing sector centralised wastewater treatment brings centralised pollution, Ma Yingying of the Institute of Environment & Public Affairs tells China Water Risk. Lax supervision & vague responsibilities between factories & treatment facilities leave brands exposed … more

  • Integrated Reporting Demystified

    With a proliferation of reporting frameworks, where is Intergrated Reporting ? Jonathan Labrey of the International Integrated Reporting Commission (IIRC) talks to China Water Risk about some of the common misconceptions about Intergrated Reporting … more

  • Water: A Mining Blindspot?

    The Head of ICMM’s Environment & Climate Change work programme gives us her candid take on water management & disclosure in mining and the potential for being blindsided by water risk … more

  • Time to Enforce China’s Environmental Law

    With the new guard in place, is it time to update China’s environmental law? Professor Wang gives a candid take on China’s environmental laws & enforcement – past, current and future … more

  • Marcus Norton on the 2012 CDP Global Water Report

    The Head of Water and Investor Initiatives at CDP gives his views on progress, stumbling blocks and hidden risks for companies and why collective action is the way forward … more

  • Swire Pacific: Taking Sustainability Mainstream

    Philippe Lacamp, Swire’s Head of Sustainability tells us why they have integrated sustainability reporting into their 2011 Annual Report … more

  • WWF’s Stuart Orr on the Water Risk Filter

    WWF’s Stuart Orr on the newly launched Water Risk Filter Tool. The tool is free and helps companies & investors assess exposure to water risks in their industry and basins where they operate and invest. … more

  • Cleaning up China’s IT Industry

    China water expert, Ma Jun guides us through a campaign by 35 Chinese NGOs concerning heavy metal poisoning incidents by the supply chains of 27 of the world’s leading electronic companies. Find out who’s are the leaders and laggards in their response. … more

  • How Water Will Define The Future of Asia’s Beverage Industry

    Arisaig Partners, with USD1.7bn funds under management, has a consumer staples bias. Co-founder Lindsay Cooper shares with China Water Risk his views on investment risks in the beverage sector brought about by water risks. … more

  • The Architecture of ESG

    Bloomberg’s Emil Efthimides tells China Water Risk how Bloomberg intends to use ESG data to provide investors with more to distinguish between two financially similar companies, but which may have significant differences in their carbon footprint, workforce practices and board of directors’ policies. … more

  • Water And Relationships That Matter

    Future 500’s Matt Turner tells us why water is likely the next “dominant big issue” of the 21st century and discusses the big chasm with regard to how water is understood by companies and stakeholders. Should it be a basic right or a commodity? … more