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  • Wicked Problems Of Water Quality Governance

    Water quality is a more serious threat to water security than its diminishing supply. Hear eight points on this wicked problem from eight water experts as a special edition Water International … more

  • Introducing The Better Buying Index

    Suppliers can now rank buyers’ purchasing practices with the unique Better Buying Purchasing Practices Index. Explore the index and its first benchmark report with their co-founder Dr Marsha Dickson … more

  • Top 10 CSR Trends For 2018 In China

    2018 is a landmark year for China on numerous fronts – what does this mean for CSR? SynTao highlights key trends to watch out for from their new report, including the Greater Bay Area & mandatory disclosure … more

  • Companies Are Taking Water Security Seriously – Here’s How

    CDP’s Cate Lamb shares key findings from their 2017 Global Water Report, which includes a 41% increase in companies disclosing and a record number of corporates achieving an ‘A’ score. Is putting an internal price on water the next step? … more

  • Key Takeaways From The 5th China SIF Conference

    The 5th China Social Investment Forum Annual Conference was just held in Beijing. See Dr Guo Peiyuan of SynTao Green Finance, a co-host of the event, three key takeaways, including the first ESG Chinese equity index … more

  • Brand Rankings On China Supply Chain Action

    Kate Logan & Helen Ding from the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs expand on the 4th Annual CITI Evaluation Results. Which sectors are doing best? Which brands are taking the lead? … more

  • Apple & Rare Earth Recycling

    Apple is leading smartphone giants in green commitments but its transparency & traceability of rare earth supply can be improved. Plus, what lies ahead for rare earth recycling? Hongqiao Liu expands … more

  • Hong Kong: A Climate Resilient Sponge City

    Hong Kong is prone to tropical cyclones, which will be exacerbated by climate change. Can the city become climate & flood resilient? Hear from Richard Leung from the Drainage Services Department on actions taken so far … more

  • Environmental Law: 2 Years On

    China’s new Environmental Protection Law has been in force more than two years now. Has it been enforced? What has the impact been? Who has been hit? Professor Wang Canfa from the University of Political Science and Law in Beijing reviews
    … more

  • 12FYP Water Quality Report Card

    Bao Hang & Deng Tingting from Greenpeace share key findings from their recent report on provincial performance in the 12FYP. Which provinces met water quality targets? Which failed? … more

  • Corporate Water Targets: A New Approach

    More & more companies view water as a business risk & water stewardship as a solution but current water stewardship metrics are inadequate. Shiao from Pacific Institute shares a new approach … more

  • China’s Increasing Use Of Public Environmental Data

    China wants a green credit rating system. Dr Guo Peiyuan of the China Financial Association’s Green Finance Expert Committee, expands on how publicly available environmental data can help … more

  • FreshWater Watch: Citizen Science At Work

    Earthwatch Institute’s Benita Chick explores how the public can work with scientists to fast-track 11 years worth of water research. Find out what local and global impacts such programmes can make … more

  • China’s Water Stress Is On The Rise

    Water stress across 54% of China worsened in 2001-2010. The World Resources Institute’s Dr Jiao Wang, Dr Lijin Zhong & Charles Iceland deliver the good and the bad news of their latest research … more

  • China Leads The G20 On Climate Change

    In 2015, the world economy decarbonised at a record 2.8%. China led with the biggest reduction of 6.4%. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Robert Milnes on how this is tracked in their Low Carbon Economy Index … more

  • Thirsty Business: Why Water Is Vital To Climate Action

    Water is key to the shift to a low-carbon world. Yet, companies aren’t moving fast enough as CDP’s latest Global Water Report 2016 shows. Their Morgon Gillespy on key findings from the report and the need for still more action … more

  • Financing Water Resilience: Climate Bonds for China

    Climate bonds are rapidly growing but there’s verification concerns & gaps for water-related investments. A new approved standard for water bonds tackles these, hear from some of its creators … more

  • Corporate Disclosure: Can We See Clearly Now?

    Global climate targets are connected to day-to-day operations of companies and with COP 22 underway China Water Risk’s Dawn McGregor reflects on how clearly we are seeing corporate disclosure, the obstacles in our way & if there will be a sunny day … more

  • Managing the World’s Liquid Asset – Water

    Savvy investors now recognise water as a business risk yet there is still no agreed global standard & framework for sustainability reporting. Biswas, Tortajada & Chandler on why corporates & governments must do more to change the culture & mindset over the use of water … more

  • Banking in the Age of Water Risk

    Are water risks and their potential impacts factored in by banks? Or is ‘water exposure’ just the water used in their office buildings & branches? Tan says prudence dictates we must start to waterproof portfolios … more

  • Real-time Monitoring: Cleaning Up Textiles

    There’s now nowhere to hide. The latest IPE Blue Map app integrates real-time emissions data with violation records plus other features. IPE’s Kate Logan on what this means value for brands, suppliers & consumers … more

  • Climate Finance: Who Pays?

    A Paris Agreement was made but a lot of it and our future climate resilience comes down to money – north of USD100 bn. Xu Nan from Central University of Finance & Economics takes a look at who could pay what … more

  • Wishing For More Data In The 13FYP

    More data is needed to reflect the real state of China’s environment. See why CWR’s Feng Hu on why this wish could come true in the 13th Five Year Plan (13FYP). But be warned, this could come with increasing power demand … more

  • 2015 GLASA Awards: Key Takeaways

    The theme of the Global Leadership Award in Sustainable Apparel (GLASA) this year was water. Pratibha Syntex won though CWR was honoured to be a finalist. CWR’s McGregor & Hu share their takeaways … more

  • Brands: Time To Walk The Talk

    H&M & Kering, are not walking the talk on raw material risks they identified themselves. With concrete action towards a circular transition missing, China Water Risk’s Dawn McGregor wonders how serious they are … more

  • Corporate Water Reporting in China

    CDP’s report shows potentially inadequate water risk assessment by Chinese companies & those with HQ’s in China. CDP’s Gillespy on their latest report and why it’s time to report on water risks … more

  • China’s New Era of ESG

    China’s economy is slowing with challenges arising from ESG factors. MSCI’s Chew & Wang on pollution fines, anti-corruption crackdowns & more from their report. Investors need to be prepared … more

  • China’s Coast: Unbearable Weight of Heavy Metals

    Environmental toxicologist Dr. Tan Qiaoguo from Xiamen University on historical trends of heavy metal pollution in China’s coastal waters & the worrying amount of heavy metals carried by China’s rivers to the sea … more

  • China: Roadblocks to Effective EIA

    Green Stone Environment Action Network’s Wang & Li report their findings on Jiangsu province’s ineffective EIA process. Can disclosure & public participation help sidestep these roadblocks? … more

  • Pollution: 5 Reasons to Remain Optimistic

    Given the recent release of depressing groundwater & soil pollution statistics, Debra Tan gives us 5 reasons to stay optimistic – from changes in the law to water tariff hikes in Beijing … more

  • Conflicting Reporting Hinders Water Risk Strategies

    World Resource Institute’s Tien Shiao & Paul Reig discuss how inconsistent definitions of water stress & scarcity, and risk mean that not only do companies end up with inadequate mitigation strategies, but investors too are unable to form comparable benchmarks … more

  • Investors Value Fuller Disclosure

    PwC partner, Gayle Donohue argues that existing corporate reporting with undue focus on financial aspects of the business model is outdated, and outlines research which shows fuller disclosure of ESG information could translate into more BUY recommendations … more

  • Bloomberg’s Views on Water

    Bloomberg’s Liu & Bullard, discuss the importance of ESG analytics and why water use & efficiency data is crucial in the face of an increasingly water-insecure future in identifying portfolio risk … more

  • Latest Developments in Sustainability Reporting

    Robert Gibson, of City University of Hong Kong & China Water Risk walks us through the latest developments in the field of sustainability reporting … more

  • Water: Last Chance to Measure & Disclsose

    CDP’s water questionnaire is due on 27 June and co-hosted a webinar with WRI to provide step-by-step guidance. Finally, disclosure made easy? Paul Reig and Tien Shiao from Aqueduct tells us how … more

  • Asia Water Week: 5 Takeaways

    Didn’t have time to follow this year’s Asia Water Week? Check out World Resources Institute’s Tien Shiao 5 top takeaways for the future of water for private sector and government … more

  • Mapping Water with Aqueduct

    With a water supply crisis as a top five risks facing the world, WRI’s Tien Shiao walks us through how Aqueduct can help companies and investors gain perspective … more

  • 2012 Water Risk Retrospective

    Dr. Guo Pei Yuan of Syntao walks us through his views on water in the Year of the Dragon and predicts rise in water prices as well as pressure for the textile sector in 2013 … more

  • Water Resilience, Disclosure & Mismatch

    Wai-Shin Chan, Director of Climate Change at HSBC on why water is more important than oil in an increasingly thirsty world and how water risk assessment, disclosure & cohesive policies are key to ensure growth … more

  • Standard Setting

    Veronique Tjon of Control Union Certification walks us through the ins-and-out of standard setting, common pitfalls and certification processes … more

  • Redefining Fiduciary Responsibility

    Are investors and businesses acting prudently? Lisa Genasci says it’s about time we redefined fiduciary duty … more

  • Footprinting – Making its Mark in China?

    Alec Tang of ERM explains the growing trend of water footprint reporting in China and what it could mean for sustainability. … more

  • New Strategies to Tackle Pollution

    With new 12th FYP pollution targets, the World Resource Institute explains why strategies must be cost-effective and comprehensive … more

  • Water Risks in The Mining Sector – Still Murky And Getting Critical

    World Resource Institute’s Amanda Sauer explains hidden water risks in mining and ‘Mine the Gap’, a tool to connect water risks & disclosure. … more

  • Toxic Fallout

    Hong Kong listed Zijin Mining’s epic toxic spill may have opened a new chapter for environmental protection. Christine Loh explains. … more

  • Zijin: Emblematic of China’s Mining Industry?

    Chris Nolan, extractions expert at Business for Social Responsibility, examines this within the context of the industry’s global environmental management trends to tease out an answer. … more

  • SEC’s Climate Change Guidance Could Mean Increased Scrutiny of Overseas Supply Chains

    Ceres’ Jim Cobourn provides insight into the usefulness of the guidance, its impact on companies and the next steps for securities regulators. … more

  • The Imperfect Science of Water Risks

    Piet Klop of WRI debates whether companies are better off investing in water technologies than water disclosure frameworks. … more

  • Moving From Curiousity to Integration: an Investors’ Journey

    Shally Venugopal, reviews key lessons learnt whilst working with analysts and investors on research to include environmental risks; in particular the World Resources Institute’s work with HSBC on the effects of climate change on South and SE Asia’s F&B and power sectors. … more

  • Sinohydro’s IPO: An Opportunity For Environmental Reform

    International Rivers’ Peter Bosshard talks about Sinohydro, the world’s foremost dam builder’s listing on the Shanghai Exchange and its opportunity to adopt a world class environmental policy. Sinohydro controls 70% of the Chinese and 50% of the global hydropower market. The company not only acts as a contractor, but is also a developer, operator and owner of power plants. … more

  • Fighting Water Pollution With Data

    Greenpeace China’s Wu gives us the hard truth about China’s water problems and the limitations of COD as a measurement of water pollution and the need to monitor individual pollutants such as phosphorous and nitrogen. … more

  • Water, Investors And China—When Will The Investment Case Come Into Focus?

    Melissa Brown discusses the investment case for water: “blue gold” growth vs. a strategic issue for industries and companies that will re-shape competitive outcomes as scarcity sets in. … more

  • A Watershed Moment

    Christine Loh reminds us not to overlook or discount its importance – water is the source of life, as China takes stock of its wastewater pollution targets at the end of the 11th Five Year Plan in 2010. … more