• The Future Of The Paris Agreement

    The Paris Agreement has been in effect for more than a year now. How is the rulebook going? What’s next at COP24? Professor Daniel Bodansky from Arizona States University, a climate change law expert, shares his views … more

  • Nature For Water In China & HK

    Happy World Water Day! Given this year’s ”Nature for Water” theme, we sat down with experts on nature-based solutions in China & Hong Kong from sponge cities to rivers and wetlands … more

  • Water As Leverage For Resilient Cities

    Water represents man’s most challenging & complex risk but it can be leveraged for catalytic change. China Water Risk asks Henk Ovink, the first Special Envoy for Water in the world, how this can be achieved … more

  • The Water Footprint Of Hong Kong’s Diet

    Urban centres are dependent on distant resources and as a result, many are unaware of their indirect water footprint. Davy Vanham from the European Commission looks at HK’s diet’s high water footprint … more

  • Droughts: Misery In Slow Motion

    Floods and storm surges are sensational disasters but the World Bank’s new report shows droughts can actually be more impactful. We sat down with their Richard Damania to find out more … more

  • Toward Better Industrial Water Management

    The HSBC Water Programme for Industrial Water Management is now complete. We sat down again with Hong Kong Productivity Council’s Dr Anthony Ma to get key takeaways & what factories can do on water … more

  • Green Financing For Climate Resilience

    We sat down with Dr Christine Chan from the Climate Bonds Initiative working group to get the latest on green finance. How have China’s green bonds been received? What is next for investors? … more

  • MyH2O – Test Your Water

    To improve transparency, Charlene Ren set-up MyH2O, one of China’s first online crowdsourcing networks on drinking water quality. We sat down with Ren to learn more about their testing, interactive mapping platform and what’s next … more

  • Water Stewardship: The Impact To Date

    A new report finds there has been little evolution from business -as-usual in regards to water management. What behaviours need to change? How can this be achieved? We sat down with report authors James Dalton from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) & Peter Newborne from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) … more

  • Securing Water For Hong Kong’s Future

    The Jockey Club Water Initiative on Sustainability & Engagement (JC-WISE) aims to secure long-term water sustainability for Hong Kong. CWR sat down with Dr Frederick Lee, member of the initiative … more

  • Environmental Law: 1 Year On

    China’s amended Environmental Protection Law has been in effect more than 18 months now. How impactful has it been? Have there been more fines & violations? What about compensation? China Water Risk sat down with Liu Feiqin, from the China University of Political Science & Law, to get her thoughts on this & more … more

  • Corporate Bonds Water Credit Risk Tool

    China Water Risk sat down with GCP’s Liesel Van Ast & GIZ’s Simone Dettling, two developers of the Corporate Bonds Water Credit Risk Tool to find out how it helps investors & banks mitigate exposure and impact on the bottom line … more

  • Risks Shifting Beyond the Wall

    In China’s printing & dyeing sector centralised wastewater treatment brings centralised pollution, Ma Yingying of the Institute of Environment & Public Affairs tells China Water Risk. Lax supervision & vague responsibilities between factories & treatment facilities leave brands exposed … more

  • Water Rights in China

    Professor Jia Shaofeng, Deputy Director of the Center for Water Resources Research of CAS, shares his in-depth insights on water rights in China – what they are, who owns them, how can they be “traded” & why a market trading system should be the way foward … more

  • OEM: Stuck in the Middle

    China National Textile & Apparel Council’s Hu Kehua on challenges ahead for textile OEMs in meeting the new textile industry standards and brands’ product needs and why joint efforts all parties along all stages of the supply chain including design are needed to move towards a circular economy … more

  • Industrial Water: Meeting New Standards

    Dr. Anthony Ma from Hong Kong Productivity Council introduces HSBC’s new programme to help industries meet water standards and calls for government support to the factories to install pollution control and efficiency improvement facilities that cost millions of yuan … more

  • Fundamental Issues: Industrial Wastewater

    Professor Ma Zhong, dean of the School of Environment of Renmin University gives his in-depth views on the industrial wastewater standards & pricing. Is it cheaper to pollute than to treat? … more

  • Water: Moving Out of Silos

    As part of CLSA’s latest ESG in China report: “Mopping-up”, China Water Risk’s Debra Tan was interviewed on all things water: from water & coal to textiles, food & government policies … more

  • Materials Sustainability in the Higg Index

    Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Sousa & Young on how Nike’s Materials Sustainability Index can help brands & suppliers make the right water-friendly choices in raw material selection … more

  • Ma Jun on Fashion’s Critical Blind Spot

    Upon the release of “Sustainable Apparel’s Critical Blind Spot”, Ma Jun talks to CWR about the progress of brands in addressing pollution issues in their supply chain … more

  • ESPRIT: Trend Setting & Water Saving

    Margaret Kutt, Esprit’s manager of Sustainable Projects on their new recycled collection, how it saves water and what they are doing to protect brand value against rising NGO pressure … more

  • Patagonia’s Take on the SAC

    Patagonia talks to China Water Risk about the origins of the Sustainability Apparel Coalition Index and its vested interest as one of the leaders in reducing environmental footprint. … more

  • Li&Fung: A System-Based Approach

    Last year, Li & Fung sourced 25% of clothing in China. Harsh Saini explains how they are looking to work sustainability into their operations. … more