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Water Wars: What Policymakers Can Do

Water conflicts within countries are increasingly prevalent with industrial and even transboundary implications. What can policymakers do? We sat down with World Bank’s Scott Moore to find out … more

The Future Of The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement has been in effect for more than a year now. How is the rulebook going? What’s next at COP24? Professor Daniel Bodansky from Arizona States University, a climate change law expert, shares his views … more

Nature For Water In China & HK

Happy World Water Day! Given this year’s ”Nature for Water” theme, we sat down with experts on nature-based solutions in China & Hong Kong from sponge cities to rivers and wetlands … more

Water As Leverage For Resilient Cities

Water represents man’s most challenging & complex risk but it can be leveraged for catalytic change. China Water Risk asks Henk Ovink, the first Special Envoy for Water in the world, how this can be achieved … more

The Water Footprint Of Hong Kong’s Diet

Urban centres are dependent on distant resources and as a result, many are unaware of their indirect water footprint. Davy Vanham from the European Commission looks at HK’s diet’s high water footprint … more