At 62% Water Use, agriculture is key in water resource management. China is an important producer of agriculture products globally – a top producer of all key meats and crops. 40% of China’s agricultural output comes from the Dry 11 … more


95.6% of power in China requires water to generate. With installed capacity projected to almost double in by 2020 and 47% of electricity consumed by the Dry 11, does China have enough water to power her economy? … more


65% of the world’s clothing is now made in China. 17 to 20% of industrial water pollution is from textile dyeing and treatment; 72 toxic chemicals in China’s water originate solely from dyeing – 30 cannot be removed … more

agricultureFood & Beverage

15 F&B companies have signed the CEO Water Mandate, recognising water as a key risk. China is set to overtake the US as the largest grocery market in the world by 2014 with a projected market size of EUR761 billion … more

agricultureMetals & Mining

China is a key producer and consumer of ores and metals. Mines cannot be relocated, making the sector susceptible to water scarcity. 41-62% of the ensured reserves of coal, iron and bauxite are located in water scarce regions … more


As the bulk of the water footprint is with manufacturing activities of suppliers, a false sense of security about water risk exposure is created for most electronic companies with components manufactured across China … more



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