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Can APAC Lead In Adaptation Finance?

After attending two key climate conferences, including COP 22, CWR’s Hu shares why adaptation financing in APAC is crucial, especially since it’s lagging. Plus, how the private sector can lead … more

Water In: Beer, Crisps & Chocolate

Food & drink help create a festive atmosphere in Christmas but how much water do they use? China Water Risk’s Woody Chan looks into the water footprints of beer, chocolate & crisps, the impact on China & potential solutions … more

Water PPPs To Lead In China

All new water & wastewater projects in China need to follow the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model. Will this mean big change and how have other water-related projects been funded in China? China Water Risk’s Yuanchao Xu takes a look … more

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Source: State Council, 2017

Source: MEP, 2016

Source: MWR, NDRC, MIIT, MoF, MLR, MEP, MOHURD, MoA & NBSC, 2016

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