Take Action – Investors

Thank you for acting! Here are 5 things you could do to mitigate your exposure to water risks …

1.     Know your China Water Risk and Stay Ahead

We recommend you start by getting the Big Picture … know which provinces/regions are water scarce, which rivers are more polluted and get on top of food and energy security and geo-political issues resulting from water risk …

Check out our popular mini-booklets “5 Things You Should Know About Water”


2.     Water Risk Measurement & Disclosure

Get an overview of what international and Chinese governments and NGOs are doing in the water space in Who’s Doing What. Learn all about water disclosure or check out water risk measurement tools available by clicking on the icons below …

Want more? Download our factbooks below … or click here to see all our factbooks.






Then, gear up for a technical conversation with the managers of your investments …


3.    Know your Sector Exposure to Water Risk


Learn how water is used in each sector to assess your risk and use Intelligence by Sector to grab water research and reports, useful links, glossary & measurements as well as all opinions, expert views, interviews, analysis and reviews by sector …

4.     Investing in Water

Explore Water Universe in the Resources section or just click on the icons below for an overview of Water Companies and Water Funds investing in the water space… or download our factbook on “Investing in Water”.

Check out our lists of water companies operating in China, and projects they have through public-private partnerships …


5.     Help us Plug Information Gaps

We are currently working to expand our Sectors section where water risks & mitigation for each sector are covered.

Separately, we are also working on providing you with a summary of the water policies of all key companies by sector for all the sectors we cover in Sector Benchmarking.

Please contact us if you like to contribute or sponsor these sectors.



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